In today's dynamic environment, Southeast Europe possesses a remarkable opportunity to enhance its strategic role on a global scale. However, to assume such a pivotal role, it is imperative to invest in connectivity and recognize its power to foster economic growth and prosperity.

For Southeast Europe to thrive in this capacity, it requires robust digital, transport, and energy infrastructure. These advancements will not only enhance connectivity with EU markets but also within the region itself. Additionally, despite progress in digital economy and broadband coverage, there is still significant untapped potential for further digital transformation.

The Southeast Europe Connectivity Forum aims to establish alliances and growth consensus with relevant national and international stakeholders. This summit will facilitate cooperation, knowledge exchange, and substantial progress in the realm of regional interconnectivity. Policy makers and practitioners from the infrastructure-transport-connectivity value chain will convene at this event to discuss the state of play in regional connectivity, innovative practices, and future prospects. Attendees will include the region's major institutional investors, senior government representatives, the OECD, regulators, and industry leaders.

Makedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki